"I am really thankful for the opportunities the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association has provided me with since I started at Virginia Tech. This organization is a perfect fit for my interests, aspiration to become a veterinarian, and passion for working with animals and people. Without this organization, it would have been a lot more difficult to learn about what an expansive field veterinary medicine is, how to become a veterinarian, and what I can do along the way to make sure I have an enriched pre-vet experience. I now have a clearer perspective on where I would like my career as a future veterinarian to go, and a lot of that credit goes to the efforts of the Pre-Vet Club."
-Meghan Reilly (Former President)
Welcome to the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association of Virginia Tech! We are a group dedicated to the field of veterinary medicine, in addition to preparing our members for the application process of veterinary school. We work closely with community shelters and other organizations associated with animals. Please take a look at our social media pages -- facebook, twitter and instagram to keep up with what the club is up to!
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Pre-Veterinary Medical Association
3490 Litton Reaves Hall (0306)
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licreg@vt.edu (Lindsay Creger)